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We offer four different types of internships here at the Museum:
Education | Marketing and Public Relations | Collections | Administrative


Collections Internship

The Exhibits & Collections department provides unpaid internship opportunities for students in a variety of majors. Please read the following job description for Exhibits & Collections interns. For additional information, please contact Heather Bigeck at 815-723-5201, ext. 233.

The Exhibits & Collections Intern will assist the Curator of Collections in one or two categories:

  • The development, implementation, and evaluation of quality Exhibit programs for the museum.
  • Work specifically with the collections: accessioning, database entry, collections assessment, and research.

The internship experience will be mutually beneficial for both the Intern and the Museum. The Exhibits & Collections Intern will benefit as they will gain valuable experience in a Museum setting that will help to further their career goals. They will also have a final product to add to their Museum Exhibits & Collections portfolio. The Museum will benefit as it will have a final product that can be used with their Exhibits &/or Collections programs.

The Exhibits & Collections Intern must possess the following qualities: excellent writing and oral communication skills, ability to work independent of supervision, must be a self-starter and energetic, must be organized and attentive to detail, and must work well with the diverse population that the Museum serves.

Possible Experiences as an Exhibits & Collections Intern:
Research, program design, exhibit design, data entry skills, assisting at special events, writing materials, designing publicity materials, and attending meetings.

Internship Requirements:

The Exhibits & Collections Intern will:

  • Complete one major project. This project will be chosen from a list of projects compiled by the Curator of Collections. The Exhibits & Collections Intern will meet weekly with the Curator of Collections to assess progress on the major project.
  • Assist in the daily requirements that are asked of an Curator of Collections.
  • Gain experience in other areas of the Museum to understand how the parts of the Museum work as a whole to fulfill the Museum’s mission.
  • Interview all full-time staff to determine the responsibilities of other Museum staff and to understand the challenges they face in their field.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.

The Curator of Collections will be responsible for the supervision and evaluation of the Exhibits & Collections intern. Supervisory meetings will be held weekly.