Special Exhibits

The Soaring Achievements of John C. Houbolt

This state-of-the-art Apollo/Houbolt Exhibit celebrates the historic 1969 moon landing and honors former Joliet resident and key proponent of the lunar orbit rendezvous concept, Dr. John C. Houbolt. The 500 square-foot, two-story exhibit features interactive panels, diagrams and maps, audio-visuals, flat-screen narratives, and period dioramas to tell the exciting story of the race to the moon, the Apollo 11 mission, the moon landing, and Dr. Houbolt's vision.

A step-in Lunar Lander Simulator (pictured at lower left) challenges visitors to begin their daring journey of space exploration. Once inside, visitors see the same controls used by the first lunar explorers during their missions. Using a throttle and a joystick, guests use skill and wit to guide their craft to the approaching lunar surface.



Strike Up the Band!  100 Years of the Joliet Township H.S. Bands 

Band Beginnings

“They are one of the finest organizations in the world.  They are a credit to themselves, their parents, their teachers and their community which supports them and which they represent.”

Director Bruce Houseknecht (JTHS 1945-1969)